See Exam Time Table

The Office of the Controller of Examinations OCE has not announced the SEE Exam Time Table Or SEE routine and timetable for the year 2078. However, the SEE exam generally starts sharp at 8:00 AM and it will last till 11:00 AM. Please check our page for updates regarding SEE. The situation of COVID-19 hasn’t ameliorated yet and education authorities like MOE, NEB & OCE have been working together to come up with suitable solutions. If the situation seems less threatening the SEE exams are likely to happen this year. If the COVID-19 situation keeps getting worse it might get canceled like the previous year. 

see exam time table

Will there be SEE exam in Nepal 2078?

The SEE examination for the 2078 batch will be held considering the situation of COVID-19. The Office of the Controller of Examinations OCE and National Examination Board NEB will soon announce the date for SEE acknowledging the situation of COVID-19. If the situation of the COVID-19 gets worse the authorities might consider rescheduling & cancel SEE like the previous year. However, if the situation of COVID-19 gets ameliorated the SEE exam will be held physically. If not, the students will receive an internal evaluation like the previous year. The NEB will examine and approve the internal evaluation sent by the schools to help grade 10 students to pursue higher secondary education (I.e. Class 11 & 12)


Will there be SEE exam in 2077?

SEE examination was disrupted in 2077 due to the coronavirus outbreak. It was postponed by National Examination Board (NEB) exactly on the eve of the SEE examination. After the SEE examination was postponed the students received an internal evaluation. The internal evaluation was done based on the terminal and internal marks received by each student. The National Education Board NEB approved the internal marks sent by respective schools and provided students with certificates. A year ago, whether or not there will be SEE exam in 2077 was a big question. The COVID-19 outbreak allowed NEB and Nepalese schools to foster trust and work together to ensure the future of young students.


Will SEE 2078 be Cancelled?

It is hard to tell. It will depend upon the situation on COVID-19. If the spread of COVID-19 lessens and the situation gets better the NEB & OCE will not cancel the SEE 2078. If the situation of COVID-19 gets worse then the Secondary Education Examination (SEE) will be canceled again. If you are studying in grade 10 do not follow the fake news and propaganda regarding the cancelation of SEE. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology MoE, NEB, and OCA are the only appropriate source of news. 


Will SEE happen in Nepal?

Every year the Office of the Controller of Examinations OCE schedules the Secondary Education Examination SEE. The SEE examination had been canceled consecutively for the past two years due to COVID-19. However, this year there is a high probability that SEE will happen. Students studying in grade 10 must make sure that they will keep studying well and perform well in terminal exams. If SEE exams get disrupted again due to COVID-19 grade 10 students will be evaluated internally by their respective schools. However, if the situation gets ameliorated the physical examination will be healed as per the direction of the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology MoE, NEB, and OCA


Is see 2078 Cancelled?

There is no official announcement yet. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology MoE, NEB, and OCA have neither postponed nor announced the SEE examination for the 2078 batch. It will be foolish to assume SEE 2078 has been canceled. We should patiently wait for the formal notice and keep up with our SEE preparation. Even if the SEE 2078 gets canceled the students must not worry. The students will receive a proper and fair internal evaluation according to their performance in terminal exams and practical exams.


See Exam News 

The academic year has been affected and disrupted due to COVID-19. The schools and educational authorities are having a hard time dealing with this challenging situation. The COVID-19 has brought myriads of uncertainties and issues. For example Disruption, Cancelation & Postponement of SEE exams. The Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology MoE has been canceling SEE exams looking at the pandemic’s impact on Nepal. However, COVID-19 has given schools and education boards, and authorities like NEB & OCE to work collaboratively to protect the future of young students. For the past two years, authorities have been canceling SEE exams in response to the COVID-19 situation.  Authorities are vigilant and will soon decide whether or not to conduct SEE 2078. 


SEE Exam Routine 2077 or SEE Exam Time Table

Secondary Education Examination SEE is conducted by the OCE at the end of grade 10. Before 2017 it was known as School Leaving Certificate SLC. The SEE exam will start on the 13th of Jestha and it will end on the 24th of Jestha. SEE is considered as the “Iron Gate”. It is one of the toughest exams in Nepal. The SEE credentials open up a world of possibilities for young students. The students pursue higher education after the completion of SEE.  The SEE exam routine 2077 is mentioned below:

Check SEE Exam Time Table

Subject  Date
  1. Compulsory English
  2. Under Ved Vidyashram- Compulsory Sanskrit Language & Literature.
  1. Compulsory Nepali 
  2. Elective English (For Foreign Students)
  1. Compulsory Mathematics
  1. Compulsory Science
  2. Under Ved Vidyashram- The Compulsory Sanskrit Grammar & its Translation
  1. Social Studies 
  2. Under Technical-  Farm Management and Marketing, Engineering Drawing, Computer Repair, and Maintenance, Music
  1. Health Population and Environment Education 
  2. Under Ved Vidyashram- Rites & Falit Jyotish 
  3. Under Sanskrit- Compulsory Sanskrit Language 
  4. Under technical- Aquaculture and Fisheries, Electrical Measurement and Instrument, Computer Networks, Engineering Surveying, Music.
  1. General and Sanskrit- All subjects of Elective First 
  2. Under Ved Vidyashram- All subjects of Elective First 
  3. Under technical- Optional Mathematics
  1. General and Sanskrit-  All subjects of Elective Second 
  2. Under Ved Vidyashram-  All subjects of Elective Second 
  3. Under Technical- Vegetable, and Medicinal Plant Production, Dairy and dairy Products, Utilization of Electrical Energy, Database Management System, Building Construction, Music Technology
  1. Under Technical- Crop Production, Small Ruminant Production and Management,  Electronic Device and Circuit, Water resources Engineering, Instrument Keyboard
  1. Under Technical- Industrial Entomology and Mushroom, Animal Health -II, Electrical Machine, Microprocessor, Highway Engineering, Music Business, and Program Management
  1. Under Technical- Floriculture and Nursery Management, Veterinary Laboratory Techniques, Industrial Installation & Maintenance,  Object-Oriented Programming, Estimating Costing and Supervision, Optional Subjects (Singing, Musical Instrument, Dance)


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