Shark Tank Nepal (STN): An opportunity & a Hope for Nepali Startups

Shark Tank Nepal (STN) is all set to starts in Nepal this year 2022. There are no official announcements related to sharks (judges) of Shark Tank Nepal. Shark Tank Nepal will be a hope for the Nepali startup’s community. There is not much support available for startups in Nepal and in this STN will really motivate Nepali entrepreneurs. The show is broadcasted on Himalayan Tv HD and as per their Facebook Page, the show will be live in a few months only.

Shark Tank Nepal (STN)

The Concept is simple where all the startups willing to participate need to pitch their idea in front of the Panel, If the panel likes the idea they will fund the idea in exchange for the Equity or Interest. This will be one of the best and biggest opportunities for startups in Nepal to showcase their products and services.


What is Shark Tank?

Shark Tank is a business reality show where entrepreneurs or investors pitch their idea or product and Sharks who is also a lender & investor if they like it, gives the money in exchange for equity or Interest. The Shark Tank was started in America in 2009, the concept was originated in Japan. Business Reality show Shark Tank became popular, and more than 13 seasons was released so far. The panel Investors or lenders (Sharks) decide about investing in it or not. We are here for Shark Tank Nepal so without any diversion, let’s move to our topic STN.


What is the objective of Shark Tank Nepal?

Shark Tank India is a massive hit and people from Nepal and Bangladesh and Srilanka like it. Looking at the kind of response it got, Himalayan TV also thinking about Shark Tank Nepal in the same way. No matter what will happen, the show is really nice and we must appreciate the effort of Himalayan TV. Here are the objectives of Shark Tank Nepal (STN).

  • To provide a stage and platform for Entrepreneurs to showcase their ideas and products.
  • Provide financial literacy to some extent.
  • To provide funding & Investments to the Nepali Startups & entrepreneurs, that helps to get the Series A funding
  • Marketing and operational pieces of knowledge for running a business


Requirements for Participation & Entry

The aspiring startups or entrepreneurs will apply after fulfilling these generic conditions. There is no official statement on the same and we will update once the announcement is made.

  1. The show will be mainly for startups looking for investments or funding to boost their sales or products.
  2. The sample of the product must be there to show.
  3. Financials if already been in the business for a few years.
  4. Patent, copyrights, Trademark, IP-related documents if any.

The selection of the applicants in Shark Tank Nepal depends on the jury decision which includes, CAs, Lawyers, and Business Experts.


We will be also updating as and when the announcement comes

Shark Tank Nepal Judges List, Biography, Net Worth, Names & Photo

Registration Criteria or Application Process

Some important details

Few things are kept in mind so that the show will not be biased.

  • Candidates or Applicants can not meet the judges before the pitch.
  • There will be fees or charges for participation
  • Fee or charges may be in the form of brokerage or Equity.
  • The offer will be non-binding however there will be contracts for a few months to reconsider for the judges or Sharks.

Shark Tank Nepal FaceBook page is showing that the license is gained and reserved from Sony and will be in the pattern of Shark Tank India.

Note:- The exact date is not official yet. Twenty percent of the deal that appears in the show are lapse due to lack of proper paperwork and change of mind of the entrepreneurs.


Possible Judges of Shark Tank Nepal

Here is the list of possible judges that might be the sharks of Shark Tank Nepal, these are great entrepreneurs and successful in their careers.

Bishwas Dhakal- F1 Soft (eSewa)
Chandra Prasad Dhakal- IME Group
Binod Chaudhary- CG
Vidushi Rana- GoldStar
Suraj Vaidya- Vaidya’s Org
Prabal Saakha- Hamro Bazar’s
Bhawani Rana- Hotel Sneha
Rajendra Kumar Khetan- Food & Bevrage
Saurabh Jyoti- Jyoti Group
Min Bahadur Gurung- BhatBhateni



Shark Tank Nepal will bring hope and opportunity for startups and entrepreneurs looking for funding & investments. This will also help to advertise their products on a national level. So just for advertisement shake one must apply and participate. Business doing also benefited as their presence create buzz and Investments. The excitement is on top how do you feel? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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