Subisu Modular Data Center is Now Operational

Subisu is Nepal’s one of the largest ISP’s providers. It completes the installation of its largest modular data center. The Subisu Modular Data Center is now operational. It is the first of its sort in Nepal, and it is the country’s largest data center.
Subisu Cablenet Ltd. opened a modular data center. The company is based in Baluwatar. It began construction on its data center during the Covid-19 pandemic. Subisu Modular Data Center is now into formal functioning after two years. Subisu includes modern hardware that is both efficient and long-lasting. All of the necessary materials for the data center, such as racks and switches, came from Vertiv, according to Ram Krishna Pariyar, the company’s Chief Technical Officer (CTO). Vertiv is a data center equipment manufacturer based in the United States.

Subisu modular data center

More information on Subisu’s Modular Data Center

Subisu also planned for a backup power supply in the event of a power loss. The company has built up a dual power system with a first-line capacity of 40 kW and a second-line capacity of 70 kW. These are stacked in two lines with a total of 88 racks to keep the data center functioning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
In terms of capacity, the data center features a server with a download and upload speed of 16 terabits per second. Subisu claims to have ‘One Plus One’ protection in its Modular Data Center.
Subisu has brought the data center in order to upgrade its own service. However, Pariyar, the CTO, claims that it will be open to other companies in the future.

Subisu modular data center

The data center’s housing is in a separate structure and can withstand earthquakes of up to 8 Richter scale. It can also receive and carry out commands from a distance. Pariyar also mentioned that the data center’s hardware is rated at tier 2.5, but that it hasn’t been formally measured.


Subisu’s offers

Subisu just offered premium internet plans under the ‘Super Raftaar‘ promotion, in case you weren’t aware. For demanding internet users, this top-tier service includes a 650 Mbps plan. Others can use alternative high-speed packagers for home use, such as 350 Mbps and 200 Mbps. There are up to four ClearTV (IPTV) subscriptions included in the bundles.

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