Suicide Squad is an Action Si-Fi comedy movie that aired in 2016. This third installment DC Extended Universe film is based on DC comics’ supervillain team of the same name. The film was developed at Warner Bros in 2009. In September 2014, David Ayer signed on to write and direct the movie. By October of the very year, the casting process had begun. By the end of August of 2015, filming was over. It first premiered on 1st August 2016. By 5th August it was available in 3D and IMAX. It became one of the tenth-highest-grossing films of 2016 after generating a gross of $746 million worldwide.


The cast of Suicide Squad

The amazing casting did a great deal to secure a good deal amongst the public. The casting choice is without any doubt the best part of the movie. Despite having many big stars in the same frame, the direction gave equal justice to their role and people loved it for that.


The cast of the movies are:


  1. Will Smith as Floyd Lawton: Lead in Suicide Squad

Floyd Lawton is an assassin by the daytime and a loving father by night. Despite portraying him as a ruthless assassin, people loved him for his soft side for his daughter. Being on the wrong path himself, he wanted his daughter to do right. Later when he gets caught and is sent for life imprisonment the only thing that inspires him to do the right thing for society is his willingness to return back to his daughter, and prove himself as a sane man in her eyes. Smith was offered the role in the sequel of the movie that aired in 2021, but he decided to appear in the sequel

of Independence Day: Resurgence.


  1. Jared Leto as Joker:

People have loved the joker. He is one of those villains that are rotted to the core and yet owns a public heart. Joker is a psychopathic criminal who enjoys mercilessness. Jared Leto further mentions he totally enjoyed playing Joker. It was not just fun but a lifetime opportunity to explore a character that is such a mess and yet vulnerably damaged. He has to spend many hours preparing himself to be able to portray the madness of Joker.


  1. Margot Robbie as Harleen Quinzel/ Harley Quinn: Lead in Suicide Squad

Harleen is a former psychiatrist who is seduced by the Joker while at Arkham Asylum, later turning into his crime partner. Her character is super fun but also super crazy. Margot describes her character as the most manipulative member of the suicide squad and has the most dysfunctional relationship with the joker. She is unapologetically evil and nothing can ever tame her. Her craziness for Joker knows no bounds and is unhealthily addicted to him. 


  1. Jai Courtney as George “Digger” Harkness aka Captain Boomerang:

He is a thief who masters using boomerangs. He is a rugged and very uptight character. The director of the movie, David Ayer instructed him to “Find your inner dirtbag” to portray the character.



  1. Jay Hernandez as EL Diablo:

He is a meta-human who can summon flames, transfer himself into a fire demon. This character lives with the guilt of harming his loved ones with the power he was blessed with. He has had enough with his powers and doesn’t seem to be very eager to harness it for any cause. He is more interested in remaining guilty and accepts the sentence.


  1.         Adewale Akinnuoye as Waylon Jones aka Killer Croc:

A cannibalistic met human who suffers from regressive atavism causing him to develop reptilian features. He possesses great human strength, high endurance, and has the capacity to breathe underwater. To describe his character in one sentence, he is a cannibal with rage issues.


  1. Cara Delevingne as Dr. June Moone/ Enchantress:

She is an archaeologist who is possessed by an ancient evil force that transfers her to host a powerful sorceress when summoned. Moone is an adventure-seeker who always looks forth excitement. Initially, it was planned to feature her as being controlled by Steppenwolf, the main antagonist of Justice Leagues. This idea didn’t last long due to the change in the story of the Justice League. 


  1. Joel Kinnaman as Rick Flag:

Rick Flag is a military leader of Task Force X. He is a hot-headed colonel who leads the suicide squad. He executes under Amanda Waller. This role was previously assigned to Tom Hardy but couldn’t happen due to scheduling conflict, and Joel got the role.


  1. Viola Davis as Amanda Waller:

She is an ambitious and devious government official who gives orders to Suicide Squad. Her powers are her intelligence and her complete lack of guilt. She is a job done person who seeks only the result and is careless about what it costs to achieve them.



Story Plot: Suicide Squad

The story takes place after the death of superman. Intelligence officer Amanda Waller convinces the U.S government to greenlight Task Force X, a response team of criminal masterminds. These super villains under Waller’s threat were to save the city from great possible mishaps. Every supervillain who was caught after a huge effort was placed under Waller’s control after being injected by Nanite bombs in their neck. They were given two options: either to help the government to solve the case and have their sentence reduced along with one fulfilled wish, or to explode by nanite bomb.


The biggest threat that the suicide squad had to face was a possessed enchantress, Dr. June Moone.

Waller could control the enchantress by seizing her heart which had the power to wound her when struck. Colonel Rick Flag is in love with Dr. Moone, who later betrays the force and turns the humans into monsters, by summoning her brother Incubus with the sole purpose of Human destruction.


The members of the suicide squad agree to the government terms because every member has their own purpose in doing so. The hitman, who wants to reunite with his daughter, Harley Quinn, a psychotic criminal and girlfriend of Gotham crime world Joker, expert thief Captain Boomerang, cannibal Killer Croc, ex-gangster El Diablo, Slipknot. They are led by Flag and his associate Katana, A Japanese swordswoman. The team is unknown about the feelings of Flag towards Dr. Moone. Later, Enchantress kidnaps Walter and the team discards Flag after learning his history with Moone. The team also has some time for bonding where they share their life stories and instantly grew on each other. Their bonding is seen during their final battle with the Enchantress. 


There are some cameo entries that can shock the audiences but also they have been loved by them. So you may brace yourself to see some of your favorite characters in the movie. 

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Reviews and Ratings: Suicide Squad

The movie has an approval rating of 26% from Rotten Tomatoes based on 387 reviews. Its average rating is 4.9/10, which is considered very well amongst the audience. Metacritic has a weighted average of 40 out of 100, based on 53 critics. The Cinema score gave the film an average B+ on a scale from A+ to F. PostTrak gave the movie a 73% of the overall positive score.


 The movie is not just known for its action but also loved for the humor and the wittiness of its characters. However, many disappointments have been expressed in terms of a movie plot, less room for character build-up, and even sloppy direction. There were some claims saying the director did too much with the violence and portraying all the main characters with such deviousness did no justice further. It was termed non-entertaining and the film was labeled as “Shameless pandering”.


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