Fiber Internet Users In Nepal Reach Approximately 1.8 million

In Nepal, the number of fiber internet users is approaching 1.8 million. Each month, the number of fiber internet users increases. According to the NTA, the total number of fixed-line fiber subscribers has surpassed 1.8 million. The demand for dependable fixed-line internet is growing as our jobs force us to be more online. This is … Read more

Subisu Modular Data Center is Now Operational

Subisu is Nepal’s one of the largest ISP’s providers. It completes the installation of its largest modular data center. The Subisu Modular Data Center is now operational. It is the first of its sort in Nepal, and it is the country’s largest data center. Subisu Cablenet Ltd. opened a modular data center. The company is … Read more

Best ISPs in Nepal (Internet Service Providers) 2022

Today we will be looking at popular ISPs in Nepal. Nepal is a landlocked country that is why we have to spend allot more on our internet bill compared to other countries. However, the process of bringing internet through sea-cables is only seen in far future. This will cut down the price of importing broadband … Read more