The news is coming from various news websites that TATA will be title sponsors for the IPL 2022 and so on. IPL is the world’s 4th valuable and popular sports event after the National football and basketball league. The TATA IPL 2022 brings various new things like 2 new teams will be there and we don’t see VIVO as a title sponsor now.


TATA IPL 2022 is not just 4th valuable sports event it is a festival for cricket lovers. IPL in the coming days will be the most valuable sports event because of the growth and popularity it gains over the past few years.


Title Sponsors of IPL 2022: TATA IPL 2022

TATA is replaced the VIVO as title sponsor from IPL 2022. Now the IPL event named TATA IPL and recently TATA IPL 2022 is about to happen in a few months. VIVO was there for 3 years 2018, 2019, and 2021. VIVO phone was sold most in IPL season, VIVO has paid more than 100 million USD to BCCI for title sponsors.

Most of the games do not have title sponsors around the world however title sponsors are common in cricket. The first IPL title sponsor was DLF and was named DLF IPL.


TATA IPL 2022: Deal Amount

TATA Group is expected to pay 355 Crore to BCCI and remain title sponsors. The TATA is a global enterprise having Indian origin. Now the BCCI and the nation and people will obviously be going to like the same. The IPL has lost its popularity due to covid and stadium is not crowded these days. TATA IPL 2022 again will be impacted with the omicron variant. We have to see how it attracts digital viewers and how profitable it will be.


VIVO still pays the amount contracted and we might see VIVO ads there but not as title sponsors now. The question of whether the game will happen or not depends on the Covid situation, but the high chance is that IPL 2022 will happen. Most of the games will be played in a few states or single states.

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IPL 2022 Teams

There are two new teams that will play from IPL 2022. The TATA IPL 2022 will be longer than the earlier IPL as the addition of a new team will increase the event duration. Here are the teams of IPL 2022.

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Mumbai Indians
  3. Delhi Capital
  4. Punjab Kings
  5. Kolkata Knight Riders
  6. Rajasthan Royals
  7. Sunrise Hyderabad
  8. Royal Challenge Bangalore

New Team in IPL

These are the two new teams that will be going to entertain cricket fans from 2022.

  1. Ahmedabad Lions
  2. Lucknow Nawab


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