Top 5 Best Anime 2022

Anime is the most liked thing by teenagers.  Rumors of one punch man season 3 is releasing soon in the market. Here we have collected the top 5 best anime you must have a look at them.


Top 5 Best Anime 2022- Naruto

Naruto is the anime series that ran between 2002 and 2007 also with Naruto: Shippuden which ran between the timeline of 2007 to 2017. This series is based on “Ninjas” mostly and relates to supernatural powers. Naruto was created by a Japanese manga artist Masashi Nishimoto in 1999. The Naruto series is based on Weekly Shonen Jump manga this manga is featuring a lot of other popular anime series like Dragon Ball, One Piece, and many others.

In this anime, it is all about a fictional world of Shinobi, where Naruto is the lead character and he trains himself to become a ninja master with the help of his colleagues and other masters. The Ninja techniques used in this whole series is being derived from the energy of chakra.

Naruto is a series where you can see every feeling like strong relations with friends and family, people betraying each other, and overcoming hard situations. This show is holding the place for best anime for ages.


Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer

Demon slayer is an anime series that has risen in popularity in recent days. This series is all about demon fighters who fight with demons to keep the people safe from demons. Demon Slayer was created by Japanese manga artist Koyoharu Gotouge in 2019.

Tanjiro is the main character in this series where he trains himself to become a demon slayer and successfully enters the group of demon slayers. This anime mostly lies in the action genre.  this whole series is about fighting demons with their special sword and breathing technique.

Demon Slayer is a series where you can see a strong bond between friends and love for the family and you can see teamwork in the fight and how they beat strong demons.


Black Clover

Black Clover

Black clover is an anime/manga series that was created by Yuki Tabata in 2015. This anime is based on a magic world where everyone is born with some magic. This manga series is also based on Weekly Shonen Jump. The story is focused on fantasy, adventure, and comedy genres targeting young boys.

Asta is the lead character in this series where he is an orphan and Yuno is another lead character this series, they were both orphans raised in the outermost part of clovers kingdom. Yuno was gifted with magic, but Asta does not have any magical powers even though Asta does not have any magical power he trained himself physically, so he has physical strength on another level. Yuno receives a rare four-clover grimoire like a magic emperor, but Asta got a five-clover grimoire where the devil lies. Even though Asta does not have any power but by that grimoire which he received, he could easily cut or slash any magic with his different swords.


Tokyo Ghoul


Tokyo Ghoul

Tokyo Ghoul is a very popular anime among youngsters, and it has gained a huge number of fans in recent time period. Tokyo Ghoul is being written and illustrated by Sui Ishida. Tokyo Ghoul is a tragic anime about a boy named Ken Kaneki who is also the lead character of this series. Tokyo Ghoul is also a demon-based series. So, it has a lot of bloody battles and violent scenes which attract more young watchers. It has been serialized in Shueisha’s seinen manga magazine Weekly Young Jump.

Tokyo Ghoul is set in another reality where demons, animals that appear though ordinary individuals yet can get by eating human tissue, live among the human population in mystery, concealing their real essence to sidestep pursuit from the specialists. Demond has abilities including improved strength and regenerative capacities, A standard demon produces 4-7 times more dynamic energy in their muscles than a typical human; they likewise have a few times the RC cells, a cell that streams like blood and can become strong immediately. A Demon’s skin is impervious to customary penetrating weapons, and it has somewhere around one exceptional savage organ called a kagune, which it can show and use as a weapon during battle. One more unmistakable attribute of demons is that when they are energized or eager, the shade of their sclera in the two eyes becomes dark and their irises red. This transformation is known as kakugan.




Haiyku is a Japanese manga series that is being written and illustrated by HaruichiFurudate. This anime is a sport-based anime where the story follows Shoyo Hinata who is the lead character in this anime where he is determined to be a great volleyball player though he was small in height.  It was being serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Middle school understudy, Shoyo Hinata, becomes obsessed with volleyball after getting a brief look at Karasuno High School playing in Nationals on TV. Of short height himself, Hinata is propelled by a player the observer’s moniker ‘The Little Giant’, Karasuno’s short yet gifted wing spiker. However unpracticed, Hinata is athletic and has a noteworthy vertical leap. He joins his school’s volleyball club – just to observe he is its only part, constraining him to go through the following two years attempting to persuade different understudies to assist him with his practice.

Haiyku gets a lot of popularity in this recent time period and every people are suggesting watching Haiyku because this series shows how team bonding and teamwork need to get success or victory.

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