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There is a various company that is in process of listing with the stock exchange in Nepal. Few of upcoming IPO in Nepal that we must apply for. But before moving to our topics let’s understand the term IPO first. An initial public offering (IPO) is the process of selling shares of a private corporation to the general public in the form of new stock issuance. An IPO allows a company to raise capital from the general public. We will understand IPO in detail later in our article but first, let’s see the upcoming IPO in Nepal list.

List Of Upcoming IPO in Nepal with Status

Upcoming IPO in Nepal is a list of public companies that are issuing shares to the general public in order to raise funds. Following completion of the preliminary criteria, the company submits the formal documents for approval to the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON). We have listed the companies that have been approved by SEBON in this post. This post also includes a list of upcoming IPOs in Nepal for 2022 (2079). 

IPO Company Opening Closing Units
CYC Laghubitta Bittiya 2nd Baishakh 2079 6th Baishakh 2079            395,336
Bindhyabasini Hydropower (Locals) 11th Baishakh 2079 25th Baishakh 2079         2,500,000
River Falls Power (Locals) 27th Chaitra 2078 11th Baishakh 2079         3,430,000

River Falls IPO for Public

We are also waiting for the IPO Result of Upakar Laghubitta Bittiya Sanstha Ltd. Which is recently closed.

Upcoming IPO in Nepal 2022 list which is coming soon

The SEBON has approved upcoming IPOs in Nepal 2022, which can be found here. In Nepal, 2078 has been an excellent year for Initial Public Offerings (IPOs). The investor can apply for IPO Stocks in Nepal by completing an online IPO application available through the CDSC Mero share website. You can also go to a bank or a broker to fill out an online application for an initial public offering (IPO). Various financial industry experts believe that 2079 will see a similar surge in the IPO market like 2019. Let’s take a look at some of the upcoming IPO in Nepal.

Company Units Issue Manager Sector
Sayapatri Hydropower 900,000 NIBL Ace Capital Hydropower
Upper Solu Hydro Electric Company 3,307,500 NMB Capital Hydropower
Upper Hawakhola Hydropower 2,000,000 NMB Capital Hydropower
Dish Media Network 2,385,929 Global IME Capital Internet
Molung Hydropower Company 3,531,000 Sunrise Capital Hydropower
IME Life Insurance 6,000,000 Civil Capital Insurance
Reliable Life Insurance Ltd ([email protected] Rs.212) 6,000,000 Civil Capital Insurance
Three Star Hydropower 1,231,250 Himalayan Capital Hydropower
Rapti Hydro & General Construction 2,941,410 Siddhartha Capital Hydropower
Adarsha Laghubitta 60,000 BOK Capital Market Microfinance
Swetganga Hydropower and Construction 4,779,000 Sanima Capital Hydropower
Mandakini Hydropower 1,764,110 BOK Capital Hydropower
Sikles Hydropower 2,000,000 BOK Capital Hydropower
Supermai Hydropower 1,000,000 Sanima Capital Hydropower
Sanjen Jalavidhyut (For Locals) 3,650,000 Citezen Investment Trust Hydropower
Eastern Hydropower 1,240,000 NMB Capital Hydropower
Asian Hydropower 11,80,000 NBM Capital Hydropower
Rasuwagadhi Hydropower (For local) 6,842,100 Siddhartha Capital Hydropower
People’s Power Ltd. 3,099,740 Prabhu Capital Hydropower
Muktinath Krishi Company 400,000 Mega Capital Agriculture
Dhaulagiri Laghubitta Bittiya Sansta 331,000 Sunrise Capital Microfinance
Dordi khola Jalbidhyut Co. Ltd. 2,951,929 Siddhartha Capital Ltd. Hydropower
Himalayan Hydropower Limited 2,250,000 Global IME Capital Ltd. Hydropower

IPO and IPO Purpose for a Company

An initial public offering (IPO) is the process of selling shares of a private corporation to the general public in the form of new stock issuance.

To hold an IPO, companies must meet the requirements of exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

IPOs give companies the opportunity to raise capital by selling shares on the primary market.

Companies hire investment banks to market their products, gauge demand, and set the IPO price and date, among other things.

An IPO can be viewed as an exit strategy for the company’s founders and early investors, allowing them to realize the full value of their private investment.

History of IPO

For decades, the term initial public offering (IPO) has been a buzzword on Wall Street and among investors. The Dutch are credited with the first modern IPO by selling shares of the Dutch East India Company to the general public.

Where can I Find the Upcoming IPO in Nepal’s List?

There is a single regulatory body, the Securities Board of Nepal (SEBON), that oversees all capital market activities in Nepal. As a result, the individual companies must go through the SEBON approval process. SEBON screens individual companies and requests documentation to determine whether they meet the predetermined criteria. From There you can find all the upcoming IPO in Nepal.

Recently Closed IPO in Nepal

Here are some recently Closed IPO In Nepal lists along with their issue size and dates.

Company Name Open Date Close Date Issue Size
Upakar Laghubitta 08-Apr-22 13-Apr-22 2.36 Crore
Balephi Hydropower 30-Mar-22 04-Apr-22 18.2 Crore
Green Ventures Limited 22-Mar-22 25-Mar-22 31.25 Crore
NESDO Laghubitta Limited 23-Feb-22 27-Feb-22 8.2 Crore
Rastra Utthan Limited 16-Feb-22 20-Feb-22 8.5 Crore
Emerging Nepal Limited 08-Feb-22 13-Feb-22 5.55 crore
Jalpa Laghubitta Limited 04-Feb-22 08-Feb-22 5.55 crore

NEA IPO The Biggest Upcoming IPO in Nepal

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has decided to issue 25% of its shares to the public (in an IPO worth Rs 31 Arba 25 crores). Because the IPO amount is quite large, corporate and businesspeople will be targeted in the first phase of the IPO. The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA), a government enterprise that plans to list its primary shares on the stock exchange, has received an AA+ credit rating from ICRA Nepal Ltd.

The upcoming IPO in Nepal of NEA is one of the biggest IPO by far in Nepal which is much bigger than the IPO of NIFRA. NEA IPO will be 4-5 Times Bigger than NIFRA. There is also news of NTC issuing further shares in public.

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