Where do archived emails go?

Before moving to our question where do archived emails go lets understand about digital communications and evolution of emails. In today’s digital world, emails are one of the most important forms of communication. Emails are used by companies all over the world to transfer Information. Although using email might be easy for some, people do struggle with it. If you are wondering about “where do archived emails go” you have come to the right place. Here you can learn about emails and how to archive them.   Emails are the medium through which you can send or receive messages electrically. It is a great replacement to the traditional system, as it is more secure and fast.  

History of Emails

Ray Tomlinson developed the first system capable of sending mail between networks. It was developed in 1971. However, only years after businesses adopted it for common use. Before the 80s, emails were only used by computer geeks. Only in the 2010s did the general public start using it. Now, emails are used by almost everyone, to send texts, documents, etc. Lets have an understanding on advantages of having email and then we understand what archived email is.  

Advantages of email

  1. It is a free medium through which you can transfer your data. It can help you save a lot of money and is cost-effective.
  2. It is a reliable way of transferring messages.
  3. Emails are easy to use and can be learned easily.
  4. Prioritizing the important mails, senders is also very easy. Sorting out different emails is now less hectic.
  5. It is globally used by almost every organization.
  6. Sending emails instead of traditional mails can help save paper. This makes it good for the surrounding and helps our climate and environment as well.
  7. One of the very important advantages is the speed at which the mail is delivered. It only takes a few seconds to deliver the mail, saving time and energy.
  8. It allows you to insert multimedia, such as videos, images, stickers, etc.
  9. You can send bulk messages to hundreds of people at once. This makes it easier to send out messages especially in an organization.
  10. You can also time the emails, if you have to send it at a specific time you can just adjust it.

Now lets discuss about archive mails and then we move forward to our question Where do archived emails go?  

Archive emails

Archive emails is a function offered by email, to help you tidy up your inbox while not deleting the email. Archiving an email will move your mail from inbox to all mail. This helps, you manage your mail easier and make your mail look cleaner.  

How to archive an email?

It is very simple to archive an email, for this you will have to firstly select the message. You can select this by checking the box next to the sender’s name. Now, look at the toolbar above your message list. Now, click on the archive button. By doing this you have successfully archived your mail. Now, you can archive all the messages that are not important.  

Where do archived emails go?

After you have archived an email, it goes to the all mailbox. It simply moves from the inbox, to sort the emails. Archiving mail can help you if you have many emails in your inbox. Sometimes, it might be difficult to keep it clean so archiving is the way to go. Where do archived emails go

How to retrieve archived emails?

You can easily retrieve the archived email, by clicking on the all mail tab. This tab is available on your Left hand’s side. On the options, you will see “more” click on it to get the all mail option. Now, once you get the mail you wanted, click on it. Now, you can right-click on the message. After this, you will get a list of options to click on “move to inbox”.


Deleting vs archiving an email

Gmail gives you both the option of deleting and archiving mail. Deleting an email will send it directly to the trash. You can retrieve it in 30 days. After 30 days the mails in the trash are automatically deleted. You can delete an email if you are sure that you won’t need it.   However, archiving an email will just remove it from the inbox. It still occupies space in your email, so it can’t be done to free space. The archived mails are not automatically deleted, and one has to manually do it. You can restore all the archive mails at any time. You can archive an email if it is not very important.   You can search the deleted emails within 30 days by using: Trash filter. You can search archived emails by using in: all mail. You can, however, search for a specified archive email by using the filter criteria. Both deleting and archiving an emails can be done in Bulk.  

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Muting vs archiving an email:

Muting an email stops you from getting any notifications from it. Both muting and archiving an email sends it to all mail. However, muted emails do not automatically move back to your inbox. But, archive can re-enter their inbox folder, in case you get a reply. The muted mails help you ignore the emails and avoid distraction.   Using an email is very easy, sending, receiving, or sorting it out. This article can help you understand what archived mails are. If you have any question or suggestion on this article please comment us and share your thoughts.    

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