Why is the Nepal Flag is unique and most loved?

Nepal flag is undoubtedly unique and most loved for a myriad of reasons. However, the primary reason is the shape itself. Nepali flag consists of two juxtaposed triangle or pennants that are slightly connected with each other. Apart from Nepal all the countries in the globe have a rectangular or quadrilateral shaped flag. Nepal is the only country in the world that has a non-rectangular or non-quadrilateral flag. The secondary reason is the sovereignty and history of Nepal. 


Nepal is a beautiful country that lies in South Asia. It is bordered by China in the north & by India on the east, west & south. Nepal is one among few countries in the world that has never been colonized by any foreign forces. This is why Nepal is considered as land of the brave and the flag symbolizes that. The constitution of Nepal, Article 8 has provisions about the National Flag of Nepal. In Article 8, it has mentioned the full details regarding the National flag. 


What does the flag of Nepal look like?


The national flag of Nepal is comprised of two juxtaposed triangular figures that are slightly connected. The border of the Nepali flag is deep blue with a crimson-colored base. Both triangles have distinguished emblems. The upper triangle has a moon and the lower triangle has the sun. Both emblems are white. The crescent moon has eight visible rays out of sixteen in the upper triangle and the sun has twelve visible rays in the lower part.

Nepal Flag

What is unique about the Nepalese flag?


The shape is the most obvious and unique aspect of the Nepalese flag. While the rest of the world has a quadrilateral-shaped national flag, Nepal has a non-quadrilateral or triangular-shaped flag. Hence, the shape is the most unique and fascinating about the Nepalese flag. 


History of Nepali flag


Historians say that the flag of Nepal was first introduced by Rana’s. Previously, the two juxtaposed triangle or pennants were divided and they signified the two faction or branches of Rana Regime. The pennant with moon signified the royal Rana families and the pennant with the sun signified the political and administrative rana authorities. This two faction or branches of rana were always in conflict with eachother. 

Nepali Flag

Later the two pennants were combined by the King Prithivi Narayan Shah after the unification of Nepal. The combination of two juxtaposed pennants initially signified balance and harmony between the two branches of Rana. After King Mahendra’s proclamation of the Constitution in 1962 the same flag was formally acknowledged as Nepal’s national flag. however, the modern interpretation of the national flag of Nepal is different. 

Flag of Nepal


What is a Flag?


There are many definitions of flag. To put it simply, a flag is a rectangular or quadrilateral piece of fabric with a distinguished design, shape and colours. However, a flag carries a deeper meaning than just a piece of fabric. A flag is also a symbol of a sovereign state. Through the shape, details and colors of a flag, countries reflect their history, pride, and glory to the world.


What is the aspect ratio of a flag?


Though the shape of the flag of every country is the same i.e. quadrilateral. The aspect ratio might be different. The most popular ratio is 2 by 3 or 2:3, the 2:3 ratio is used by 85 out of 195 sovereign nations, the rest of the 54 sovereign states follow the 1:2 aspect ratio. However, Nepal is an exception to this because it has a triangular-shaped flag. 


Which flag is most unique?


Nepal is the only country that has the most unique flag in the world. It is consists of two juxtaposed triangles that are slightly connected. While all the countries in the world have a rectangular-shaped flag, Nepal has a triangular shape flag. This is why the flag of Nepal is unique in the world. 


Why is the Nepal flag isn’t rectangular?


There isn’t any global law mandating or governing how a flag should be made. The shape, size, color, and design of the flag are related to the history of the respective countries. The flag is an indispensable part of the country’s history. Nepalese history says that the present Nepali flag was formed by the combination of two juxtaposed pennants. Previously these two pennants represented two different factions or branch of Rana, which was later combined and made one whole. This is why the Nepali flag is triangular and not rectangular like other countries. 


Which is the oldest flag in the world?


Denmark has the world’s oldest flag. It has set a world record for using the same flag continuously since the time it was “first” made. 


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How to make the Nepal Flag?

The official method of making the National Flag of Nepal is mentioned in the The constitution of Nepal in Schedule I. Schedule I has meticulously dealt with every detail regarding how to make or draw the Nepali flag. 


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