YouTube: A complete Details about YouTube

YouTube, owned by Google, is an online video-sharing platform. It is one of the most popular video destinations on the web. It is the second-largest search engine after Google having more than 1 billion monthly users. Users can not only watch videos easily but can also create a video and share it with other users. Every day over 400 hours long video is uploaded per minute on YouTube.


Inspiration for creating YouTube 

Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim, former employees of PayPal founded YouTube in the year 2005. The idea came to Hurley and Chen at a party when they were not able to share footage from that party. But according to Karim, the inspiration came when he had difficulty in finding the video clips of wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl Show and the incident of the Indian Ocean Tsunami. 


YouTube was originally thought to be a video version of an online dating webpage. So, they asked women for dating videos of themselves to upload for $100. But they couldn’t acquire enough videos and changed their idea of a dating website to a more common platform where people could upload any type of video.



With the idea, the creators started raising money from different investors for establishing the company. It was on 1st April 2005 the first-ever YouTube video was uploaded on the website titled “Me at the zoo” which was a video of Karim at San Diego Zoo. The site was launched officially on Dec 15 2005 during which YouTube received 8 million views per day. The site was then bought by Google in late 2006 at $1.65 billion in Google Stock.


Users of YouTube 

There are mostly two types of YouTube users which are;


Creators: They are the ones who create a video and upload it on the site so that other users can view them. They have a channel where videos are uploaded.


Viewers: They are the ones who watch the videos, like, comment, share the videos and subscribe to the channels. They can either watch the videos without signing in or by creating their account. 


Both: They are the ones who not only create videos but also watch other videos too.


Who are the Users?

Anyone, either youths, adults, or older people, with a laptop, computer, mobile phone, or tablet and access to the internet can use YouTube easily to watch videos. However, there is an age restriction for children. 


Age-restrictions in YouTube

As per the terms and conditions of YouTube, anyone who uses the site should be 18 years or older or must be 13+ with parental guidance. For children under 13, there is an app called YouTube Kids especially created for the kids and has appropriate content made for them. The app also has a timer through which the maximum amount of time a child watches videos can be set. It also has an option to turn off the search feature so that children can only watch videos approved by elders.


How to watch videos on YouTube

  • You can watch videos from YouTube easily by navigating the site at google. Recommended videos can be watched or videos can also be viewed by searching a video from the site. Videos can be watched even without creating an account or signing up.
  • YouTube app can be downloaded for free for both iOS and Android from where people can easily watch the videos of their choice.
  • YouTube videos can be incorporated into different social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Webpage, blog posts, etc from which anyone can enjoy watching them.
  • One can also watch YouTube videos by clicking the link sent via messenger, email, text message, and many more.


Steps to create an Account for YouTube

  • For Computer
  • Search on the google page and open the website
  • Click on the Sign-in option situated at the top right corner of the interface. The following dialogue box will appear
  • You can directly Sign in by entering your Gmail or clicking on Create Account option
  • Choose the option “For myself”
  • Fill in the details and enjoy watching videos
  • For YouTube App
  • Download the YouTube app from AppStore (for iOS) or play store (for Android)
  • In the top right corner, click the profile picture icon  
  • Click on the Sign-in option
  • Sign in using your Google account


Benefits of creating an account

Several benefits are available with a YouTube account which are as follows;

  1. Personalise the types of videos you want to watch and receive recommendations based on your viewing history.
  2. Subscribe to the channels you enjoy watching and turn the notifications on to get notified when they upload a new video.
  3. Like, share and comment on the videos of your favorite channel and support them.
  4. Create your playlist
  5. Download an offline video to watch later
  6. Have a viewing history to keep track of what you watch
  7. Create your channel, start uploading videos yourself and become a content creator


How to create a YouTube Channel?

Google accounts can be used to create a YouTube channel. Once you sign in to YouTube using your Gmail, a channel can be created using the following steps.

  1. In the upper right corner, select the profile symbol. A drop-down menu will appear. Choose the 1st option “Create a channel”
  1. A dialogue box appears where you will be asked to write the name of your channel. It can either be your name or something else which is related to the type of content you upload to the channel.

Upload the profile picture that will appear on your channel’s user profile. Once done select the “Create channel” option



  • A dashboard of your channel will appear. On the right-hand corner at the top, select the “Customise Channel” button. This will lead you to YouTube Studio where you can manage your channel. Click “Continue” for setting up the channel.


  • Three options named: “Layout”, “Branding” and “Basic info” will be shown on the customization page.
  • Clicking on the Layout section, a short trailer for the people who have not subscribed to your channels can be added. For the returning subscriber, a featured video can be added.


  • The branding section allows you to upload your profile picture, banner image, and video watermark.
  • The Basic info section allows you to write descriptions of the type of channel and contents it shows which appears on the About Section of your channel.


  • Once done with the details, your channel is created. For uploading click “UPLOAD” on the top right corner and select “Upload videos” to upload a video and the “Go live” option for going live.


Copyright Claim and Copyright Strikes in YouTube 

These terms are used frequently on YouTube. Knowing the difference between these two terms is essential if you want to create a YouTube channel, upload videos, and earn from them.


Copyright Claim

It is also called Content ID claims. It is a fully automated digital rights management tool on YouTube that searches videos for any video clips, audio, or images used in them which is not owned by the creators and notifies it to the right holders.

  • A copyright claim will not adversely affect your YouTube channel
  • The right holders can claim for any revenue generated by your video if you have their content
  • The interesting part is they can place ads on your video to generate money
  • Also, They can restrict your videos in some regions or countries 
  • They may also choose not to take any action or can even issue a copyright strike to your channel
  • You can remove the claim by either removing the video or by eliminating the copyright claimed sections


Copyright Strike

It is issued to a creator who uses either a clip or music without the permission of the right holders in their videos. The owners have the right to remove the video and as a result of the strike the video will be blocked everywhere and no revenue can be generated from it.

  • A copyright strike is serious and can adversely affect your channel
  • Upon receiving a strike, your video is completely removed and no monetization is possible
  • Creators will not be able to live-stream from their channels
  • A copyright strike expires after 3 months
  • Your channel will be deleted permanently and be banned from creating another one if there are 3 active copyright strikes at a time in a channel


YouTube Categories 

There are varieties of content available on YouTube which fall under different categories. Some of these categories are as follows;

  • Music

As the name suggests, in this category you will find videos that are related to music and songs. There are almost all kinds of music, lyrical music videos, trending songs, official videos, and much other music-related content. It also includes tutorials and guides for playing different musical instruments, tips and techniques for singing songs, and even learning music. It is one of the most popular categories on YouTube with a large number of subscribers and viewers.

  • Films and Animation

In the film category, you will find movies and films of different genres and languages, movie trailers and songs, different behind the scene videos of movie sets, promotional events of films, reviews, and videos related to films. The animation category has videos that are related to animation like animated movies, songs, cartoons, short stories, tutorials on animation skills and techniques.

This category is also very famous and the channels are usually owned by famous and large brand and production companies.

  • Travel and Events

YouTube is the best place where you can find videos relating to traveling. You will find videos mostly from travelers where they give you tips and tricks for traveling, cost and accommodation facilities at different places, best holiday places. It also has videos that provide knowledge on organization and coordinating events, its management, promotion, and all other information regarding events. As traveling is loved by almost everyone, people are always curious to visit new places. They want to know how they can visit different places, plan their budget according to their savings, what places they need to visit when they travel, and other things which could help them enjoy their trips. So, this category answers such questions and is also quite famous in the audience.

  • Autos and Vehicles

You can find videos about bikes, cars, bicycles and other vehicles, automobile technology, and many more. It also includes videos related to vehicle problems and solutions. For example; how to change a flat tire of a car or how to fix bicycle brakes. There are videos related to the latest launch of vehicles, performance, cost of vehicles, and all other information related to autos and vehicles.

  • Sports

This category has videos related to sports, its types like football, cricket, racing competition, badminton tournaments, basketball, and many other sports played in the world. It has videos on what a certain type of sport is, how it is played, clothing and accessories used in certain sports, its rules, information about matches being held at different places, players’ interviews, their lifestyles, and many more.

  • Pets and Animals

Here you can find videos of pets and animals, their training tips, information about their nutrition, food, and diet, funny reactions or moves of pets, breeding techniques, handling and caring of different pets and animals, and videos that give information about pets and animals.

  • Entertainment

This category has a wide range of videos solely created for entertainment purposes. You can find videos related to dancing, cover dance and tutorials, funny challenges and pranks videos, drama, storytelling, and many other videos that people can watch and enjoy. It falls into other mostly viewed categories in YouTube as it caters to the entertainment requirement to people and their families as well.

  • Gaming

It is yet another most popular category on YouTube with a large number of subscribers and viewers that are young and adolescents. You can find videos about different types of games (played using mobile, laptop, or computers or digital games), their hacks and tips, rating and reviews of games, and other game-related information. These days going live through a channel and playing a game live or having online competitions have been very popular. A lot of videos uploaded are either live games or a recorded version of games with commentaries and suggestions for improvement. Some videos provide information on the latest games developed, instruments and gadgets used for playing the games, and many more.

  • Science and Technology

In this category, you will find videos that are related to science and technology. The science category has videos of scientific facts, processes, explanations, innovation, theorems. While the technology part has videos of technology like mobile phones, laptops, computers, and other technological gadgets, latest trends and news in technology, and other technical aspects.

  • Comedy

It is yet another popular category on YouTube. You can find videos that can create comedy such as stand-up comedy, funny caricature, scenes and clips from a comic movie or dramas, funny pranks and jokes or challenges, comedy shows, movies, and stories, and many more. It has videos that can make viewers laugh and happy.

  • People and Blog

This category is more personalized as it has videos of people with their personal information. You can find videos of the creators’ personal life like a day in their life, their skincare routines, sleeping habits, and many more. It also has videos of certain events or functions of the creator’s personal life, celebrity and their interviews, lifestyles, website information, blogs, and other personalized videos.

  • Education

In this category, you will find videos that are created to provide education on certain topics. You might find academic lectures, tutorials, concepts, explanations, guides to use different academic tools and software, tips and tricks for exam and entrance preparation, and many other informative ideas. The videos uploaded in this category educate the viewers and help them learn.

  • Fashion, Clothing, and Lifestyle

It includes everything about fashion, clothing, jewelry, shoes, accessories. You can find videos that provide styling tips for different occasions, parties, and meetings. It has videos on how to groom yourselves, styling, skincare, latest trends on fashion, celebrity fashions, clothing, and accessories haul, reviews of different fashion products, and many other related videos. 


How does YouTube earn money?

Just like any other Google platform, YouTube also earns a large amount of its revenue via Advertisements. In the first nine months of 2021, YouTube generated about 20.1 billion dollars from advertising.

One of the most used revenue growth means by YouTube is TrueView. It is an opt-in ad program used by YouTube for video advertising to generate money.  Mostly there are two types of advertisements in TrueView: Instream Advertising and Video Discovery.


Instream Advertising 

In this type of advertising, an advertisement is added within a video. The ad video must be played for at least 5 sec and then it can be skipped. The advertising company pays certain revenue only if viewers or users watch the ads for more than 30 seconds or click on any icon related to the ad video. 


Video Discovery 

In this advertisement, the advertised video is listed on the page along with other videos. If any user clicks on the ad video, then only revenue is generated.


Currently, TrueView along with Google preferred (YouTube program that allows advertisers to pay to place their ads on high-performing videos on the site) is the most popular revenue growth driver used by YouTube. Some of the most popular categories for advertisement placing in YouTube belong to Fashion, Beauty, and Lifestyle, Sports, Music, Gaming, Comedy, Traveling.


Other initiatives for Earning

Google has initiated a few alternatives for monetizing YouTube. One is a monthly subscription that allows you to watch an ad-free version of YouTube with additional exclusive videos that non-paying users are unable to see. On May 17, 2018, this version of YouTube was announced as YouTube Premium along with a separate YouTube Music subscription service. YouTube Music is free with advertisements, but there is a premium version that allows for ad-free audio, songs only for background listening, and songs to download for offline listening. YouTube Premium and YouTube Music Premium have a one-month free trial and then cost $11.99 per month as of 2021.


How do Creators earn money from YouTube?

You might wonder if it’s free to upload videos on YouTube then how do the creators earn money from creating content on YouTube. To understand this let’s first know about the YouTube Partner Programme.


YouTube Partner Programme (YPP)

It is a program that allows access to YouTube resources and features and even gives direct access to the YouTube creator support team. With this program, creators can share revenue from ads that are placed on the videos created by them.


Minimum Eligibility to be in a YouTube Partner Programme

  • Creator must follow all of the YouTube Channel Monetisation Policies (details available at the official YouTube page)
  • The creator should be living in a region or country where YPP is available 
  • Creators should not have any community guidelines strikes on their channel
  • For monetization, Creators should have more than 4000 valid public watch hours in the last 12 months
  • And Creators should have more than 1000 subscribers in the last 12 months
  • Finally, Creators should have a linked AdSense Account. (it is Google’s ad serving account that is required to earn money generated from YouTube)


Getting Money from YouTube 

To earn money, creators should enable monetization in their channel and should turn on ads from Google and its partners. Once this is done, different ads are placed in your videos from where revenue is generated. Earning from the video is based on how much viewers interact with the advertised videos.


Some negative aspects of YouTube

  • Many channels do not provide authentic and relevant content yet a lot of people follow them. Just because a video is on YouTube does not mean that everything it shows is right. Many times, the videos manipulate viewers and misguide them by giving wrong information.
  • Viewers are being more engaged on YouTube as its popularity is increasing. They are glued to the screen 24 hours. More screen time can create health issues like eye problems, backache, neck pain, and many more. This has also made people less efficient and decreased their productivity.
  • The content uploaded is not supervised always which can hurt children and teenagers. Some videos are also violent and mentally disturbing and no proper supervision is available for this purpose on YouTube.

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